8 reasons why you should work at eSEED

1. Wear different hats, a true multi-tasking environment

Web developer? You’ll work on front-end, back-end, javascript, learn mobile, android, software development… Graphic & Web designer? You’ll work on print design, web design, User Interface design, product layouts, cut-outs and signs… Whatever our clients throw at us, we learn at lightning

8 reasons to choose a startup over a corporate job.

5. No tedious HR processes or useless formalities

We don’t have an HR department, we are the HR department. Your boss is in the same room, so it’s a no-door policy.

Official attire: jeans and a t-shirt. You can come from 9 to 10 and leave from 5 to 6, all you have to do is finish your 8 hours.

7. We have 2 guys from Alexandria

If you haven’t experienced Alexandrian sense of humor, you’re missing out. AND both of them very recently stopped smoking!

eSEED Core Team

eSEED Core Team: Mina Kolta, Mahmoud Wafik Sabae & Hesham Kanany

8. وحش الملوخية

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