6 tips for fresh Egyptian Graphic & Web Designers

Since we opened up our new exciting vacancy for a Junior Graphic & Web Designer, we’ve received many good applicants, but also many that could use a simple push. So we’ve decided to speak up for those employers out there and let you know why that is:

1. You need to have a portfolio

Even if you’re a fresh graduate, even if you’ve never worked a day in your life! If you are a designer that means you have energy, creativity and passion for what you do or want to do, even just a bit. That means you at least fired up Photoshop once or twice and did something right? We want to see that! If you haven’t, do that first, create something(s) put them in a portfolio and send it (or put it on behance).

Applications without a portfolio are not considered.

2. cootoo_mootoo@hotmail.com

No. Create a professional email (preferably Gmail), something we’d want to email you at (a combination of first and last name is usually ok). If you don’t have that, create one now. Please?

We’ll still consider you if you don’t have a professional email, but come on!

3. Spel Chek!

When your CV/application has some spelling mistakes, or your work in your portfolio does, it doesn’t show your English is weak (we don’t care about that – بنتكلم عربي), it shows you don’t know what a spell checker is. Or worse, your work can have spelling mistakes which is simply unacceptable for a designer. Most software underlines the words for you now and all you have to do in most Adobe products is Edit –> Check Spelling…

It really depends on how bad the spelling mistakes are, we try to be tolerant to a limit.

4. Professionalism

It’s hard for someone to hire you if u type like dat ;s :) Every employer visualizes how you would be dealing with her/him/clients/partners and there’s something that really bothers them when they see unprofessional writing in your work or emails.

Importance level: very.

5. Read the Job Description

Then read it again. Things like “I didn’t notice it said Junior” and “Wait, is that position full time?” doesn’t really save anyone any time.

6. Broken Links

If you submit something with links online, please make sure they work before you click submit?

Got some more tips? type them up in the comments below and we’ll include them!

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