eSEED, a smoke-free environment

Besides being a joy to work with, eSEED is super proud of Hesham & Mina, our 2 wonderfully awesome web developers all the way from Alexandria, who have decided to stop smoking cold-turkey!

Since the 6th of November, they have officially been off cigarettes. This post is a celebration for their 2 weeks off cigarettes and hopefully an inspiration for others!

eSEED is a smoke-free environment, inside and out.

Why did you stop smoking?

Hesham: I was physically tired all the time, not to mention that I have experienced death in the family because of it. Also, a friend’s dad got really sick from it and I had to witness it.

Mina: I’m upset when I smoke.

What made you follow through?

Mina: Shisha! no no, we stayed for 5 days. When you stop and continue again, it’s much worse, you’re more tired and it’s a shame to let those days go.

Hesham & Mina

Hesham & Mina, best friends for years.

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