Web & Mobile Development

We Speak

PHP, Ruby, SQL, jQuery, Javascript, iOS, Android, Codeigniter, Compass/SASS


Latest TechnologiesAlways

eSEED has a golden policy of continuously learning and getting familiar with the latest technologies. Our team is experienced and adaptive to various coding platforms and programming languages.

We claim we can develop your web application in any technology of your choice, give us a challenge and see if we're up to it!

We integrate with the latest services available from social media channels to payment portals and SMS services


Process Customer focused and agile


  • Get to know how we do things and what you need to prepare from your side
  • We’ll put you on the right path to start building your own web or mobile app
  • We’ll ask you critical questions that can make or break your application
  • We’ll show you examples of how your web application can look like and function
  • We’ll conduct a workshop with you to dive into your app

Get Set

  • How we envision your app with all its bells, whistles, backstage and performance
  • The entire scope of work and detailed process, timeline and budget
  • Every single details about your project in one coherent, easy to follow, concrete document
  • Your proposal is the first project we deliver to you, we make sure we go the extra mile from then onwards


  • Continuous follow up, reporting and updating on the progress of your project
  • Iterations for you to evaluate, assess and give us feedback we can take forward on the project
  • Code documentation to ensure project sustainability
  • A final product that exceeds your expectations

Content Management Systems Robust & Scalable

Wordpress is the world’s most popular Content Management System. It is known for its ease of use, simplicity in management and power in usage. Here is our Wordpress vs. Joomla report for a study we did comparing Wordpress with Joomla and touching up on Drupal. eSEED has over 4 years experience in Wordpress website development and deployment. Here is our Wordpress portfolio.

eSEED has capacity to tailor your wordpress website, customize it and code it to your long-term sustainable needs while securely updating its components & plugins.

We are also ready to work with any Content Management System

Maintenance and support Obsessively Responsive

  • Get on-board the eSEED maintenance programme, upgrade, improve and maintain your project.
  • Keep the focus on your business while we scale your project to grow with you.
  • Same-day response and issue resolving whenever needed.
  • Long-term maintenance and support of complex systems are available

Web Hosting Up and running 24/7

  • Take your mind off hosting issues, capacity and server oversight and maintenance by hosting your project at eSEED
  • eSEED has dedicated staff to manage our hosted websites and web applications
  • Our hosting services are only available to our web & mobile applications
  • eSEED servers are optimized to run eSEED code with utmost performance and delivery

e-Commerce Business Optimized

  • Cart management
  • Payment system integration
  • Cross country sales (multiple currencies).
  • Location-based content.
  • And many other services according to your needs

Web & User Interface Design

Responsive Web Design

We design beautifully adaptive interfaces that are touch friendly and screen friendly. If you don’t know what responsive is, resize your browser now!
Visit our portfolio for live view

Web & User Interface Design

With a strong background in user interface design, we’ve learned by experience what works and what doesn’t for the user. We are able to optimize your app views for optimum user experience.

Cross-browser support

Our websites are built to look beautiful on some of the oldest and challenging browsers

We respect copyright and design integrity

That means no stolen content, no bootlegged Wordpress themes and no stripped imagery. We or our clients own all the rights to use any content in our products.

Graphic Design

Initiate your brand or rebrand with eSEED, we’ll even help you come up with your business name and an attractive domain name.


The Sponge

Literally absorbing everything you have about your brand, from background & history to transformation and message

go through a collection of creative presentations to show the different spirits we’ve captured

The Audition

The Tuning

Committed to get it just right for you

We respect copyright and design integrity

That means no stolen content, no bootlegged Wordpress themes and no stripped imagery. We or our clients own all the rights to use any content in our products.

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