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Mobile Application | Solace Controls

» November 26, 2014

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A sophisticated, secure and powerful iOS (Objective C then Swift) mobile application, integrated through APIs with the Solace Controls Web Application

The Solace Controls mobile application is a powerful tool for users to:

  • View and open all doors they have access to using sophisticated, high-level encrypted communication with Solace Controls Web application which communicates with network controller devices
  • View logged information on doors they own: who opened which door when using what (access key, web or mobile app)
  • Manage guests on any door they own, a guest does not necessarily have to have a key card, they can open the door using their mobile app. A guest can be allowed access at specific times from specific opening door methods
  • View and read directly pushed alerts from the building administrator regarding rent, building information and other building-tenant communications
  • Add multiple key cards and change account information
  • Receive push notification alerts when someone is trying to open a door they own (with success and failure to open)
    • Web Application | Solace Controls

      eSEED has invested over 1,152 hours (144 days) of Research & Development into the Solace Controls Web Application for it to blossom into the most secure, reliable, easy to use, efficient iteration of this powerful web application. The Solace Controls web application is a powerful tool for users to: View and open all doors they […]

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