Archives | Patient’s Rights Charter – وثيقة حقوق المريض

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A beautifully designed, naturally intuitive survey experience for Egyptian patients to share their opinions about their rights. This fully responsive wonder holds the following features:

  • AJAX interaction: page does not refresh every time user answers a question
  • Fill form with Facebook or Google+: user can fill the personal details form with a click of a button
  • If the user ends their survey early and opens the website later, it remembers the last question they answered and allows them to continue
  • All data is stored on shareable, easily accessible and friendly Google Sheet with a backup on the server
  • Website is fully responsive until mobile view as well as touch friendly

We needed to create an appealing way to collect people’s opinions about how should an Egyptian Charter for Patients’ Rights look like. We had no idea how to do it! eSEED immediately grasped what we wanted and managed to deliver us something that works, that looks great and that exceeded our expectations. They kept us involved in each milestone, taking our feedback at every step making the process super-efficient and easy. I recommend them for accuracy, efficiency and style.

Ayman Sabae, Patient’s Rights Charter – وثيقة حقوق المريض


Web Application | Solace Controls

eSEED has invested over 1,152 hours (144 days) of Research & Development into the Solace Controls Web Application for it to blossom into the most secure, reliable, easy to use, efficient iteration of this powerful web application.

The Solace Controls web application is a powerful tool for users to:

  • View and open all doors they have access to using sophisticated, encrypted communication with Solace Controls network controller devices.
  • View logged information on doors they own (who open what door when using which method)
  • Manage guests on any door they own, a guest does not necessarily have to have a key card, they can open the door using their mobile app. A guest can be allowed access at specific times from specific opening door methods.
  • View and read alerts from the building administrator regarding rent, building information and other
  • Add multiple key cards and change account information

On the web application, building managers can:

  • View and manage their buildings
  • Manage all doors on all buildings
  • Manage a set of privileges for each group of building users
  • Manage building users and their access privileges
  • Send alerts to all or a subset of building users | AL MASAR Gallery

As meticulous of an Art Gallery as there could possibly be.

We are talking precision to the nearest millimeter. From colors, fonts, shapes and sizes to precisely fit what Al Masar Gallery is all about: Art.

Fitted with a robust, powerful Gallery Manager on the inside to simplistically display on the outside. Al Masar gallery also has some beautiful HTML templates for their newsletters with a variety of layouts to choose from. It is also fitted with a newsletter subscribe/unsubscribe engine to manage their contacts with ease and privacy.

Services included in this website are:

  • Search Engine Optimization services
  • User Guide PDF
  • Dynamic Contact Forms
  • Custom Newsletter HTML templates
  • Social Media integration and web page optimization
  • Public content uploading, management and migration services
  • Maintenance and support ongoing contract

We had the pleasure of appointing eSEED in 2011 to update our website. We must admit that eSEED helped in transforming our website into a further user-friendly website.  eSEED always had a variety of creative solutions that we found convenient to the users as well. eSEED never failed to meet our deadlines with accuracy, speed, and meticulousness .Therefore, we will be pleased to recommend eSEED at any opportunity.
Waleed Abdulkhalek, AL MASAR Gallery