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A sophisticated, secure and powerful iOS (Objective C then Swift) mobile application, integrated through APIs with the Solace Controls Web Application

The Solace Controls mobile application is a powerful tool for users to:

  • View and open all doors they have access to using sophisticated, high-level encrypted communication with Solace Controls Web application which communicates with network controller devices
  • View logged information on doors they own: who opened which door when using what (access key, web or mobile app)
  • Manage guests on any door they own, a guest does not necessarily have to have a key card, they can open the door using their mobile app. A guest can be allowed access at specific times from specific opening door methods
  • View and read directly pushed alerts from the building administrator regarding rent, building information and other building-tenant communications
  • Add multiple key cards and change account information
  • Receive push notification alerts when someone is trying to open a door they own (with success and failure to open)