Junior PHP Developer – USA Account

Software Developer
Egypt, Sheikh Zayed - Giza
Posted 1 year ago


1. Remote (80%)
2. Office in Sheikh Zayed, Giza (20%) – up to 1 day per week

Job Description

  1. Maintain constant, responsive, and fast email communication with our clients in the USA
  2. Develop new features and enhance existing ones
  3. Implement and maintain a quality backend architecture
  4. Standardize, structure and maintain quality code conventions
  5. Research and advise on software development best practices
  6. Troubleshoot major issues and resolving them in a sustainable manner

Required skills and experience

  • Excellent proficiency in written English, very good proficiency in spoken English
  • Strong online communication skills and responsiveness
  • Availability and ability to deal with issues whenever they occur
  • At least 6 months experience working with PHP
  • Experience with Object Oriented, open source programming
  • Ability and persistence to work alone on large tasks

Required expertise

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • HTML5, CSS3, Javascript
  • GIT

Preferred expertise

  • OOP, Algorithms and Data Structures
  • Command-based Linux Systems

Learning Points

  • Exposure to an international client serving a commercial product in the USA
  • Collaboration with a dynamic, ambitious and disciplined team
  • Growth with compelling needs and requirements

Key Performance Indicators

  • Response time on emails and requests by client
  • Code cleanliness, documentation and review quality
  • Reporting and professionalism in communication
  • Code efficiency and effectiveness

Who we’re looking for

An avid learner who’s not afraid to dive head first. A passionate client-centric personality who puts the client first and is always on top of their requirements.

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Project Coordinator


Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science or similar discipline



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