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» May 23, 2011

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Recruitment systems that have so far been deployed for AIESEC Exchange Participant and membership recruitment.
They manage the process from the very beginning of an online application to the full acceptance or rejection of an applicant throughout the process.

eSEED has skillfully taught itself how to meet the users requirements while making the system usable and economic. They have shown great persistence to research the latest technological trends and features, to best utilise it for the system. I highly recommend eSEED. They are a creative hard working team that would take your company to the next level.
Lameece Gasser, VP Outgoing Exchange, AIESEC Egypt

Based on solid experience

Based on solid Experience

These systems have been built and tested on 1 MC and 1 LC. They are backed with the experience of 2 MCVPs and an LCP.

Tailored for you

Tailored for you

No matter how you like to run things, we like it too. Everything is adjusted to your exact preference. epSEED & memberSEED are fully customizable to fit the recruitment process of any company or organization.

Gain control

Gain Control

Advanced control features such as editing application questions, bulk email sending to certain applicants, exporting entire database to excel sheet, putting an applicant on pending and sending them an email when you’re ready for them and much more!

Track everything

Track everything

From how many applicants are at which stage, which LC is performing the best and at what, who is the highest performing member, who accepted an applicant and who conducted interviewed at what time… and the rest you need to know for it to be everything.

Manage interview slots

Manage Interview Slots

Add, edit and delete interview slots that update real-time for when any applicant receives an automated link to reserve their interview for the time and place you specified. You can edit a confirmation email the applicant receives where you can put any special information like a map, a session…

Acting sustainably

Acting Sustainably!

Edit all automated emails, change application questions, applicants can save application and return to it later, they can upload their CV where the system takes it and puts it on a 3rd party service to not overload your server, and you can access it anytime with a click of a mouse.

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