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» December 21, 2012

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Ongoing Contract

A beautiful 6-page leaflet folded 2 times with an intensely heavy design and coating that looks like an LCD screen in your hands!

We are very proud of these leaflets, you almost get a touchscreen feeling when you hold them.

    • egyptianpatient.org | Patient’s Rights Charter – وثيقة حقوق المريض

      A beautifully designed, naturally intuitive survey experience for Egyptian patients to share their opinions about their rights.

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    • Butcher House Campaign

      eSEED planted Butcher House Facebook campaign

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    • PNA Flyer | GIZ Participatory Development Programme

      A real challenge fitting all that content into a small A5 flyer. But we did it in a sketchy look! Printed on a practical 200gm paper to be distributed in informal areas.                

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