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» September 10, 2015

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The portal performs transparent, scientific and powerful assessments of Egyptian healthcare facilities and hospitals with a community-based trained team of assessors from the local residents. Assessments are collected, compared, quality assured before they are presented transparently on the website.

The most transparent portal we’ve worked on yet! This marvel of a website communicates to the Egyptian people scientifically backed, neutral ratings of public and private healthcare providers in Egypt. Visitors can search by a wide array of criteria and geolocation, they can find the nearest hospital that has been rated with a live map and they can navigate through a fully responsive, powerfully designed institution evaluation.

“ is one of the mega projects Shamseya planned for quite long time. At the moment when the plan was coming to reality, we were quite disappointed as we were told that many of the features we had in mind were simply not doable. Then we met eSEED, we came in with many concerns and came out with bunch of innovative solutions. In no time, we had the portal up and running, then we worked with them on modifications and enhancements. In many cases they suggested even much more brilliant ideas than what we got. Throughout the process, this amazing team shared our passion, enthusiasm and long hours of hard work. would have never been such an elegant reality without eSEED.” Daniel Amoun, Shamseya


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