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» June 6, 2011

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Ongoing Contract

One of the four projects delivered to AIESEC in Switzerland. A WordPress implementation exactly fitting to the AIESEC International design according to AIESEC in Switzerland’s specifications. The project is complemented with advanced features such as LC sections and editing, roles and permissions amongst various users, galleries and social media tools.

eSEED’s exceptional talents in designing has been absolutely a major success factor for our recruitment campaign in Switzerland, they could understand the message we wanted to convey and translate it into a self speaking piece of art, that impressed students all over Switzerland and Europe with its classy taste.

Maram Ayman, VP Talent Management, AIESEC Switzerland

    • AIESEC Lebanon

      For the support and belief in the AIESEC Lebanon expansion, eSEED proudly donated AIESEC Lebanon’s web portal. An efficiently designed AIESEC Country website with the just right features for membership recruitment and exchange recruitment.

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    • epSEED & memberSEED

      "eSEED's Mahmoud Sabae has skillfully taught himself how to meet the users requirements while making the system usable and economic. He has shown great persistence to research the latest technological trends and features, to best utilise it for the system. I highly recommend Mahmoud. He is a creative hard worker that would take your company to the next level." Lameece Gasser, AIESEC

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    • | بوابة التقييم المجتمعي للمستشفيات المصرية

      The most transparent portal we've worked on yet! This marvel of a website communicates to the Egyptian people scientifically backed, neutral ratings of public and private healthcare providers in Egypt. Visitors can search by a wide array of criteria and geolocation, they can find the nearest hospital that has been rated with a live map and they can navigate through a fully responsive, powerfully designed institution evaluation.

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